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Game Description

The game is progressive in nature having 4 different levels of playing cards. It begins very easy, and becomes more difficult as the players move through the levels. Playing pieces consist of 12 common objects of varying colors, and 4 boxes that are also different shapes and colors.
Basically, players must listen (or read) directions on the leveled playing cards, and try to visualize what the card is asking them to do. All pieces are laid out so the players can see the pieces at all times but they may not touch them until the card is turned upside down. (The players can have the cards read to them as many times as they require...the game is designed for players to succeed, not fail!)

When the player is ready the card is turned upside down, and they move specific pieces from one area of the playing board to another, duplicating the directions they thought they heard/read. Next the player must tell other players what they did, being as specific as possible, using colors, shapes, and location of each object. ****This is a very important part of the game!!*** (Boxes are incorporated into the game using them to reinforce prepositional placement...in, on, under, etc.)

Then the card is flipped up and reread. Players discuss whether success is achieved. Then the player receives coins according to the level of difficulty, and whether there were errors or not. Players are motivated to win coins, but in actual fact they are challenging themselves to work hard.

The activities in this game activate all areas of the brain, stimulating it, and causing increased blood flow in the brain. This helps players to concentrate and process the information they are trying to remember. Because the brain is being forced repeatedly to process multi step directions, pathways within the brain are either created or strengthened while playing... so whether the player struggles with communication difficulty, learning disabilities, attention issues or processing problems this game assists players in overcoming their disability in a fun and relaxed atmosphere in a short period of time, where the players learn to challenge themselves.

A beautiful aspect of this game is that multi age players, whether they are 4 or 104 can play together at their own level and are all challenged equally!

This game has also been proven to assist players with brain injuries, as well as the elderly who are experiencing brain degenerative diseases as well as those suffering from strokes.

As many as four players can play at once, but it is wonderful as a one-on-one therapy tool for very challenged players. (The game was designed with therapist in mind so it's compact size makes it ideal for travel.)

Benefits of the Game

This revolutionary board game... "A Fist Full of Coins," assists in creating a ‘pathway’ within the brain, connecting left and right hemispheres, as the brain performs the required tasks to play the game.

Children do not realize just how many different tasks the brain is performing while playing. Because the setting for the game is casual and seemingly has low expectations, but high motivation, the children eagerly anticipate the fun.

Children became aware of the success they achieve when playing the game, and encourage the routine of daily use.

The intent for the game:

  • Assists in motivating children with language delay, to speak.

  • Assists English as a second language student in understanding prepositional phrasing … (in, on, under, on top, beside, behind, in front, between)

  • Assists in stimulating children’s brain to ready them for learning.


Brain research provides information that explains what happens inside the brain when it is being stimulated by multi sensory games such as this one. Research supports the theory that this game can potentially assist people in the following areas:

Higher functioning children/adults suffering with such afflictions as Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fragile ‘X’ Syndrome and many many more conditions may benefit from the effects of this game.

  • The elderly may greatly benefit who suffer with degenerative brain diseases. This game may off set or prolong the effects of the disease.

  • Stroke Rehabilitation Specialists

  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists

  • Elderly who suffer from degenerative brain diseases.

  • People who suffer the after affects of a stroke and require rehabilitation may greatly benefit from the use of this game in gaining back abilities lost due to injury sustained in the brain. (Depending on what area of the brain has sustained the damage.)

  • People who have sustained brain injury may greatly benefit from the use of this game in gaining back abilities lost because of injuries sustained in the brain. (Depending on what area of the brain sustained damage.)
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About the Creator

My name is Sandy Newman and I am the creator of this wonderful game. I am a mother of two grown boys and I have worked with mainstream and special needs children for the past 20 years. I am passionate about helping people!

10 Great Reasons to Get this Game:

1. Fun for everyone!

2. Enhances the memory process

3. Teaches the kids to focus

4. Teaches players to create
organized thought patterns

5. Challenging for adults, teens, children and toddlers

6. Educational and fun

7. Convenient compact size

8. Bridges pathways within the brain

9. French and Spanish add on kits available

10. Kids Love It!

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